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My Services

social media kits & long-term support

I offer two services:

(1) Projects

These are one-time services to launch your brand and social media presence. Examples include social media graphics kit, branding kit, and website kit. (Usually 1-month from start to finish)

(2) Contract Work

So maybe you need some more one on one help. You know you need to devote more time to your social media, but you can't do it all yourself.

I offer a 6-month social media package if you want to hire me as your social media specialist. We can work out all the details in person. You'll get more of my time and attention and you'll actually have a dedicated person to get your social media presence off the ground. Have a team that needs creative help or training? That's included, too!

Are you a small business owner/entrepreneur?
If so, I recommend you try my social media kits to see if my services are the right fit.

If you choose to work with Havilah & Co. here is what I can help you create:

  • A unified brand and style (your clients and customers will instantly get a feel for who you are)

  • A start-up social media pack that you can hand to anyone (your nephew with an iPhone, your intern, your social media specialist)

  • A consistent and professional social media feed to promote your brand or organization

You want to be happy with what you’re putting out there for your community and customers, but you don't have enough time to do it yourself, let alone hire a full-time social media expert. Even though you have a good idea of what your brand and business needs, you need someone who understands the creative language to put your ideas into eye-catching social media posts.

Does this sound like you? You look like you're ready to work with me. Email me now to setup a consultation and we could be working together within the week.
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